July 25, 2006

Lake Tahoe News

Since I represent several clients (businesses & individuals) in Lake Tahoe, I am going to periodically put Lake Tahoe news and information on this blog.

A great website for information on Lake Tahoe is www.bluelaketahoe.com. This is the official website for the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority. You can look at parts of Lake Tahoe live through several webcams, get current road information, look at all of the activities and sports to keep you busy in Lake Tahoe, find amazing restaurants & small concert venues, or find a place to get married.

Currently, the Bears by the Lake Exhibition (artists created a variety of artistic bears) is going on.

Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places on Earth and I highly recommend that everyone try and visit Lake Tahoe at some point.

I am always up for travelling to Lake Tahoe for immigration issues and trainings. If you live or do business in Lake Tahoe, and would like immigration information and/or trainings (employer compliance & I-9s, current immigration legislation in Congress and potential legalization, or family based U.S. Legal Permanent Residence - green cards), please contact me at 415-541-9290.

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