September 05, 2006

AILA CA Conference in Monterey Nov. 2-4

I will be speaking at the AILA California Conference in Monterey, CA on Nov. 3, 2006. I will be on a panel speaking about the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) CA Service Center (CSC). Also on the panel will be Christina Poulos, the Director of the CSC, one of the CSC Division Directors chosen by Christina Poulos, and the Chair of AILA National's CA Service Center (CSC) Liaison Committee, Rita Kushner Sostrin. See for more info.

I am currently serving my 2nd year on AILA National's CSC Liaison Committee. The 8 of us on the committee are responsible for working with the CSC on solving the problem cases of the other 10,000 AILA Immigration attorneys across the country.

I will also be the AILF (American Immigration Law Foundation) Co-Chair for the AILF Silent Auction at the AILA CA Conference in Monterey. See for more info on AILF.

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