December 07, 2007

I-601 Waivers for Unlawful Presence or Fraud

Please contact me if you are interested in applying for an I-601 waiver for unlawful presence, fraud, or criminal issues if you are otherwise eligible for U.S. Legal Permanent Residence (for example, you are the unlawfully present spouse, fiance(e) or child of a U.S. Citizen and you entered the U.S. without being inspected and admitted - across the border).

Approval rates differ dramatically between USCIS offices in the U.S. and at U.S. Consulates around the world. The USCIS Waiver office in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico has a very high grant rate and the USCIS waiver office in the Philippines has a very low grant rate. The San Francisco USCIS office has a very low grant rate, but I have been successful at getting a waiver approval through the San Francisco USCIS office. Because immigration law is all federal law, I can file I-601 waiver applications anywhere in the U.S. or the world.

For detailed info on waivers, please see my immigration attorney friend Laurel Scott's website at

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

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