December 10, 2007

USCIS To Require Over 700,000 Peope to Apply for New Green Cards

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)has published a proposed regulation, that could go into effect any day now, requiring everyone with the old green cards that do not have an expiration date to apply for a new green card. Once the regulation goes into effect, people will only have 120 days to file form I-90 to replace their green cards. The filing fee to USCIS will be $290 plus $80 for biometrics (digital fingerprinting, photos, and signature), for a total filing fee of $370.

Another 700,000 green card applications is going to overwhelm USCIS and the processing times are likely to be extremely long. It would be a good idea to go ahead and file as soon as possible for a new green card if you have an old one without an expiration date, so as to get ahead of the massive number of applications filed once the regulation goes into effect. Current green cards have a 10-year expiration date.

One major issue for a lot of U.S. Legal Permanent Residents with old green cards is if they have criminal issues. The biometrics triggers an FBI criminal records check. U.S. Legal Permanent Residents are deportable for many crimes.

The catch is that U.S. Legal Permanent Residents may be deportable under the new regulation for failing to file for a new green card.

For math whizzes out there, you can multiply 700,000 applications times $390 to see how much money USCIS will make off of this new regulation.

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