January 02, 2009

Canadian Visa to Baby Born on Airplane in Canadian Airspace

Baby born mid-air eligible for Canadian Visa

02/01/2009 by Gareth McConnell

A baby born on a trans-Atlantic flight from the Netherlands to Boston has been awarded a Canadian visa for customs purposes as she was delivered while over Canadian airspace.

Her mother, a USA visa holder of Ugandan origin went into labour six hours into the eight hour flight. The woman was said to have been in pain for some time before staff were alerted and two doctors who happened to be on board the Northwest Airlines flight helped deliver the baby.

The plane touched down at Boston’s Logan International Airport at 10:30am on New Year’s Eve and the mother and baby were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. Both are reported to be healthy.

Canadian Immigration is yet to comment on the birth and the baby’s Canadian citizenship.

One of the doctors helping with the birth praised the good will of the other passengers, “people offered baby food, people brought things, people vacated their seats...The spirit of America is alive."

The flight’s captain had offered to land the plane early but the mother was already in advanced labour by the time the doctors were alerted and the labour took just five minutes.

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