June 22, 2012

More Answers on Deferred Action

If you were curious or think you may be eligible for deferred action, you may be wondering about the details of the new immigration policy. If an individual is granted deferred action, he/she will also be able to apply to work in the United States. Deferred action lasts for two year increments, along with work authorization, and must be renewed at the end of those two years.  Since the new immigration policy was announced, there seems to have been many rumors.  Just remember that no one can apply for deferred action right now!  Those who wish to apply for deferred action must wait until August 13, 2012 to apply, when the process of the policy is announced.  Those who believe they are eligible for deferred action should not turn themselves into immigration in order to start the process of deferred action, since it will ultimately be useless.  By August 13, 2012, there will be a formal announcement informing the public on how to apply for deferred action. 

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