June 25, 2012

Supreme Court Ruling on SB10

In 2010, Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, signed Senate Bill 1070 which essentially gave police officers authority to pull over, stop, and question the legal status of any person who looked suspicious of being an undocumented immigrant. SB1070 also made it a state crime for undocumented immigrants to be in Arizona without a federal immigration document. Fortunately, over two years since Governor Brewer signed the bill, SB1070 has, for the most part, been shot down by the Supreme Court. First, the Supreme Court ruled against part 3 of SB1070, which makes it a misdemeanor for immigrants to fail to apply for immigration papers.  Second, the court ruled against section 5C, which makes it illegal for undocumented immigrants to work or seek work in Arizona.  Finally the Supreme Court ruled against section 6, which allowed state/local authorities to arrest non-citizen suspects who did not carry proper documentation, which could ultimately lead to deportation.  The Supreme Court did not over turn the fourth clause SB1070, which allows police officers who pull over a person for a crime, to question the legal status and ask for documentation.  Although this is not a total victory, it is not a total loss for those who live in Arizona without documentation.  This ruling is definitely a step in the right direction.  http://www.as-coa.org/articles/4246/Supreme_Court_Rules_on_SB_1070_amid_Immigration_Policy_Shift/

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