August 30, 2013

Immigration Reform 2013 UPDATE: House Gang Preps Comprehensive Bill For October Push

After years of waiting and several missed deadlines, the House of Representative’s bipartisan “Gang of Seven” is ready to push its 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill sometime in October, a Democratic staffer close to the group told International Business Times.

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez said earlier this week that he’s already signed off on the measure and eager to introduce it. According to the staffer, all the Democrats on the bipartisan group support the agreement and are waiting for their Republican counterparts to sign off on it.

When the Republicans give the OK, the group will wait for the “right bipartisan moment” to introduce the bill, probably sometime in October. By that time the bipartisan group hopes Congress will be over the budget fight, with an appropriations bill passed to avert the threat of a government shutdown.

See the  full article by Laura Matthews here.

August 15, 2013

Immigration Reform Update: Michael Grimm, GOP Rep., On Immigration: 'We're Getting Close'

The Huffington Post reports that Representative Michael Grimm,one of the Republicans whom immigration advocates hope to win over, said Sunday that he thinks momentum is still there for comprehensive reform in the House, even as his fellow GOP members are dragging their feet.

Grim told undocumented activist Carlos Vargas in a video posted by DRM Capitol Group: "Immigration is a huge issue that I know we need to fix, and we're getting close,"

Watch Grimm's interaction with Vargas, captured by DRM Capitol Group:
Congressman Grimm Tells Military Dreamer he Supports Immigration Reform

August 05, 2013

House Takes Break from Immigration Debates During August Recess

However many businesses, religious and law enforcement organizations will continue to lobby members of the House on immigration reform. USA Today reports that while House Republican leaders flatly rejected the comprehensive immigration package that the Senate passed June 27, making it seem as though immigration reform was destined to die a slow death,it appears likely that votes on a series of bills are possible in October and that a conference committee with the Senate could be completed in December or early next year, before midterm election-year politics paralyze Capitol Hill.

There remains hope that some form of immigration reform will be passed by Congress by this year's end. See the article from USA Today here.